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5 Reasons To Try a Twisty Puzzle

There's a good reason the original Rubik's cube has been so successful. It is both fascinating, mystifying, and frustrating. This has been a staple in both pop culture and media. A big example of this is in the movie Pursuit of Happiness.


You have probably seen countless references or memes on social media as well. Here are 5 reasons you should try one yourself and embrace the trend.


1. They are inexpensive.

Most twisty puzzles aren't that big, and often made of hard plastic. This makes them cheap to make and easy to ship.


2. They are one piece.

The annoying part of a regular puzzle is having to keep track of all the pieces, and store them in a bulky cardboard box. With a twisty puzzle, they are one piece that is compact and easy to handle. This makes them ideal for kids. As an adult it means that you don't have to clean anything up.


3. A lot of twisty puzzles aren't hard to solve.

Initially when approaching something you have never seen before, it is going to be challenging. However, there is a method to them, almost all of which are available in easy to follow guides. You can find just about anything online, including Rubik's cube tutorials, and even how to solve them blindfolded effectively.  There is no shortage of resources, and once you know how to solve a Rubik's cube, you can easily learn how to solve other twisty puzzles because of the mechanics. For example, if you learn how to solve a 2x2 puzzle, you can learn how to solve the Time Machine puzzle.

This looks hard, doesn't it? It's not bad! As you become more experienced you can see patterns. The dials can move independently of the centers. To solve this puzzle you need to solve both the centers and dials. However, as you observe you also notice that the corners are static and never change. By this I mean the white green and red corner at the top right will always be white green and red. You can solve this cube simply by solving the centers as a regular 2x2 (which isn't hard in of itself), and then solving the dials, which come intuitively as you play around with it. You don't need to be a genius, or even really that clever to solve it.


4. They look impressive

Despite the popularity and amount of solutions available online, it is still impressive to a lot of people when they come across someone who can solve a twisty puzzle or a Rubik's cube. Back in high school I literally had a circle of people following me as I twisted the cube away to a solved state. This is coming from someone who was never in the "popular crowd" or even remotely close. It's almost similar to performing a magic trick. It's impressive and interesting to watch, even if you aren't amazing at it.


5. Strong community

It sounds silly, but twisty puzzles have a lot of pull on Youtube and other platforms. They vary from tips, tricks, to product reviews and collections. For example, RedKB has over 300,000 subscribers and his channel is based exclusively on twisty puzzles. It is an active and thriving community that is fun to be a part of.


Recommended products

Twisty Puzzles Shop has puzzles for everyone. If you buy from us today with this promo (or use promo code "BEGINNERS" at checkout), you will receive 20% off of your order. NOTE: We won't be running this promo for that much longer. Join the fun today!

If you are a beginner, take a look at these:

QShun 3x3 Standard Cube

Why it's easy: The standard 3x3 is easy once you know how to do it. It only requires a little bit of problem solving.

3x3 Mirror Cube

Why it's easy: This is exactly the same as the 3x3, with one simple but important change. Every piece is a different size and there are no colors. It's able to make all different kinds of shapes which makes it an interesting 3x3 puzzle to solve. It is not hard to solve once you play around with it and discover the patterns.


Why it's easy: There isn't too much going on here. It requires only a couple of moves to solve it. In other words, it looks more difficult than it actually is!



If you are more advanced, take a look at these:

Rhombic Dodecahedron

Why it's hard: It's similar to a Megaminx, but the new shape and variation makes it more of a challenge to solve and figure out. It is more compact and tricky.


LeadingStar Al Bandaged 2x2

Why it's hard: It's an interesting spin on the original 2x2, except now you have 2x2s inside of the corners! This leads to interesting variations that can be confusing to solve.

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